Julie and Scott

Julie and Scott … These two are like adventure, sunshine, laughter and good vibes and dance moves and excitement all wrapped up into one.  They are fun loving, laid back souls with a clear thirst for life.  They laughed non-stop their entire wedding day and in fact, I’m not sure I could find a photo where Julie isn’t all smiles if I tried!

Julie and Scott were wed at the new most beautiful, private and intimate venue  Noah’s in West Des Moines. The wedding was DIY, with heavy help from the Scott’s Mom Lori.  Julie’s style was ever present.

I feel really lucky that I was connected with these two super amazing people.  I was fortunate enough to capture Julie’s maternity portraits when she was carrying the now beautiful Hope. It gives me such a warm feeling to know that I was able to be apart of not one but two of their life events.

Julie and Scott are going to have many grand adventures together in their future.  I only hope I’m able to be a part of at least one more of them again in the near future!

Venue: Noah’s Event Center Des Moines, IA | Coordinating: Patty Bristow | Catering: Machine Shed | Cake + Desserts: Let Them Eat Cake | DJ: Jeff Moore | Bride’s Attire: Lis Simon | Groom’s Attire: Skeffingtons |

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